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Power Steering Repairs
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Gold Coast Power Steering

Affordable Power Steering are the power steering specialists you can trust to get the job done on time and to do it right.

Affordable Power Steering have been based in Labrador on the Gold Coast for sixteen years. We have built a strong reputation through consistent quality, service and extensive product knowledge. Our fully qualified mechanic has had twenty six years experience servicing all automotive makes and models.

All workmanship for repairs and rebuilds are carried out in our own workshop, quality is controlled from rebuild to fit. This ensures that our overheads are low and as a customer you benefit from lower service charges ensuring that more money stays in your pocket. All our products are re-manufactured on site to exacting standards and are put through rigorous testing to ensure the finished product you end up with will stand the test of time.

So you are assured of the highest levels of quality control and attention to detail with your power steering requirements, all of our power steering services are carried out right here on the premises.

We specialise in rebuilding, reconditioning units and exchanging
- Power steering boxes (new)
- Power steering box repairs
- Power steering boxes (reconditioned)
- Power steering racks (new)
- Power steering racks (reconditioned)
- Power steering rack repairs
- Power steering rams (new)
- Power steering rams (reconditioned)
- Power steering ram repairs
- Power steering pumps (new)
- Power steering pumps (reconditioned)
- Power steering pump repairs
- Power steering control valves
- Manual steering racks
- Manual steering boxes